Monday, August 23, 2010

Virginia Is For Gunloons

Not too long ago, we heard about NRA member Christopher Speight of rural Virginia, who shot and killed 8--including 4 children--in a dispute about family property.

Here we go again.

LOUISA, Va. — A man who shot and killed his son and nephew and wounded four other relatives had been involved in an ongoing family dispute over a piece of property in rural central Virginia, authorities said Monday.

Sheriff's deputies had been called to the property nearly two dozen times in recent years — including once earlier in the day Sunday — before Charles P. Steadman Sponaugle, 52, opened fire on his family members, Louisa sheriff's Maj. Donnie Lowe said.


  1. The shooter's nickname was Zeke. That should have been a tip off right there.

  2. What does any of this have to do with the NRA?

    Oh, this must be the week that they are all--encompassing and every person that touches a gun is a member.

    Back to relatively few members and insignificant next week I guess.