Monday, August 23, 2010

Biker Gangs Shoot It Out in Arizona

MSNBC reports on the latest results of Arizona's lax gun laws, particularly the concealed-carry-without-a-permit law.

Police locked down a northern Arizona community Saturday after a shooting involving rival motorcycle gangs.

Four or five people were shot, and one was flown to a Phoenix-area hospital, Yavapai County sheriff's spokesman Dwight D'Evelyn said. No deaths were reported.

An unknown number of suspected motorcycle gangs members were detained.

If my sense of humor eludes you, please refer to Joe Huffman's recent post in which the quote of the day described something like this as the prediction of gun control groups. Of course, no gun control group suggested such a ridiculous connection, but maybe they should have.

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  1. Yeah, there's never any shoot-outs between gangs in Baltimore, or Los Angeles, or Chicago.

    It must be Arizona's gun laws that make the difference, and not the criminal elements.

    Oh wait, there are gang related shootings and shoot-outs all the time in those cities. So you must be full of shit.

  2. Let's also consider this: the word "gang" implies that the groups are gathered together for illegal purposes--and I would be very surprised if the members of said gangs didn't have felony records that prevented them from legally carrying guns.

    Yet they still carried...maybe they should have gotten carry permits! Except that those permits would have been denied them, given that they are already felons...