Saturday, August 7, 2010

Female Shooter - Pink Gun

The Baltimore Sun reports it like this.

A woman taken into custody after Tuesday's shooting in a room at the city-owned Hilton Convention Center hotel was charged with attempted first-degree murder after she would not explain to detectives how a struggle over a handgun resulted in her boyfriend being shot.

Police identified the suspect as Sharolyn L. Yarbrough, 34. Police said the .40-caliber handgun, which has a pink grip, is registered in her name.

According to court records, the incident — the most recent in a series of fights between the couple — was sparked over a cell phone. According to charging documents, the shooting occurred as the pair struggled over the pistol.

I knew I'd seen a pink gun before, but I realize Breda doesn't live in Baltimore. And besides, that boyfriend would be D-E-A-D, dead. You know what kinda shot Breda is.

What's your opinion? What do they mean when they say the gun is "registered in her name?" (the shooter in Baltimore, not Breda) I didn't know they had gun registration in Baltimore.

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  1. Maryland is one of those places ranked 4 out of 5 stars by the Brady Campaign and ranked 5th in the nation. This event shouldn't have happened.

  2. "I didn't know they had gun registration in Baltimore."

    Is Google a bit too hard for you to use? Maybe you should take a class.

  3. Yes they have registration and yes registration is totally worthless in fighting crime. Registration is only about control.

  4. FWM, I agree it's about control which is exactly what we need. Why do you want a system by which guns can so easily flow from the good guys to the bad guys? Is that the libertarian in you?

  5. Because it means freedom, and with freedom comes risk occasionally.