Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Quinn Gets Brady Campaign Endorsement

The Chicago Tribune reported that the Brady Campaign has endorsed Gov. Pat Quinn.

Gov. Pat Quinn got the endorsement of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, a national group that happens to share the name of Quinn's Republican challenger but has very different views when it comes to gun control.

I liked very much what the governor said about his Republican challenger, who "voted against a measure that would make so-called "straw purchases" a crime."

"We have in our state a need for a governor with fortitude, not someone who is going to be patting on the back those who have straw purchases at gun shows, patting on the back those who would sell assault weapons to the wrong people," Quinn said. "We've got to say no to that and we've got to say yes to life."

What's your opinion? What kind of man, regardless of his love of guns or lack thereof, would vote against making straw purchases a crime? I don't understand that?

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  1. Straw purchases are already prohibited by federal law. Like many gun control spins, there seems to be more to the story.

  2. Straw purchases are already a crime. Maybe we should make it illegaller, that would help.

  3. Quinn is either an idiot or dishonest. Straw purchases (at gun shows or anywhere else) are already illegal.

  4. Quinn is either an idiot or dishonest.

    No wonder the Brady's gave him an endorsement. He fits is real well with them.

  5. Searched and searched to find the text of the straw purchase bill, but it was voted on in 1999, and the Brady Campaign is the only organization that cites it.

    Must not have been that important.

  6. Yuk, yuk, dats funny, "illegaller."