Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lolita Lebron Dies at 90

The Washington Post published the obituary.

Lolita Lebron, a Puerto Rican nationalist known to some as a terrorist and to others as a near-mythic freedom fighter for her violent attack on the U.S. Capitol more than a half-century ago, died Aug. 1 at a hospital in San Juan of complications from respiratory disease. She was 90.

Ms. Lebron was called both fanatical and fearless for her efforts to draw attention to the cause of independence for her home island, claimed by the United States as spoils after the Spanish-American War and made an American commonwealth in 1952.

LeBron bought a ticket from New York to Washington on March 1, 1954. She and three fellow nationalists lunched at Union Station and then walked to the Capitol. They made their way to the House gallery. A security guard asked whether they were carrying cameras; they were not.

But they did have pistols. And in a crusade for Puerto Rico's independence that Ms. Lebron saw as no different from the uprising by America's 13 colonies against England in the 18th century, the four nationalists opened fire in the House chambers as more than 240 members of Congress debated an immigration bill.

"No different from the uprising of America's 13 colonies against England," who does that remind you of?

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  1. Maybe DC should ahve an armed uprising since they are victims of tyranny.

  2. Finally, Laci, you're beginning to see the light.

  3. "Maybe DC should ahve an armed uprising since they are victims of tyranny."

    Kinda hard to have an armed uprising without any arms. The DC powers that be are still fighting to ensure that DC residents (excluding your criminal clients) are unarmed