Friday, October 29, 2010

Florida Gun Smugglers Sentenced

The sentences seemed extremely heavy at first, but after reading the article, there was more going on here than a few guns going south.

The charges stem from a long-term investigation involving multiple trips by the defendants between Florida, Alabama, and Texas to transport cocaine, methamphetamine, and drug proceeds.  During the course of the conspiracy, members of the conspiracy also endeavored to obtain and smuggle to Mexico as many as 800 fully automatic AK-47 machine guns for use in the drug war between rival drug cartels fighting for control of profitable drug routes into the U.S. 
Fully automatic? Wow. Where do you think they came from? I thought your average FFL guy couldn't sell them. Or can he?

What's your opinion? Are the sentences too severe?  Or is this the way to address the problem?  What about the source of those 800 guns?

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  1. "Fully automatic? Wow. Where do you think they came from?"

    China or Pakistan

    "I thought your average FFL guy couldn't sell them. Or can he?"

    No they cannot.

  2. The article kept using the word “conspiracy”, and there are no charges of actual possession of a class III weapon. So there weren’t any fully automatic weapons- but they were thinking about it…

  3. A lot of people forget that in many countries around the world, an AK-47 is easier to buy than a cold drink of water.

    The US is one of the few countries where they are hard to come by.

  4. So what are we saying? They were fully automatic weapons that were smuggled into the U.S. illegally, or they were really semi-auto guns wrongly described?