Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Baltimore Gun News

It never ends in Baltimore. A city college worker was arrested for illegally selling a gun.

The City College staff member charged with illegally selling a gun to a city school police officer said he needed the money to celebrate his son's birthday, according to charging documents filed in Baltimore City District Court.

Tyree Miles, 33, was arrested Oct. 14 after completing the $400 sale of a Russian SKS assault rifle to a school police officer on the City College campus, the documents said. He served as a student support specialist at the prestigious high school, where school officials said he had been hired "to make sure kids weren't in the hallway."

Miles was charged with having a dangerous weapon on school property and the illegal sale of a regulated firearm. Both are misdemeanors, city state's attorney officials said, and carry a penalty of three and five years in jail, respectively.
Now, that's the really amazing part. That's why Baltimore can't seem to get straightened out.  A guy who peddles guns with no regard for the law is charged with multiple misdemeanors and might even go to jail.

He should be charged with felonies, the kind that make him unqualified to ever own firearms again. He's proven to be incapable of exercising that privilege responsibly.  As far as jail time, I'm not sure it would be necessary.  Close supervision from the probation department and removal of his gun rights ought to do the trick.

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  1. Obviously he should be penalized because he sold the gun to a criminal.

    How is this not entrapment?

  2. everytime I read stories about Baltimore (Charm City), I can't help but to think of the crew from The Wire. As soon as I do that, I relaize how messed up the whole system is.
    One part of the story remains unclear, how did the seller get the Russian assault rifle and maybe he was trying to sell it to make ends meet.