Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kids, Guns, Disaster

Salt Lake City:
A father says his son died from a shot in the head from a .38 Smith & Wesson pistol loaded with blanks, used for sound effects for a high school production of "Oklahoma!" The dad says the gun had been "altered from its factory specifications to give it a 'hair trigger,'" and his son died from a "blowback" wound that drove fragments of his skull into his brain.


  1. Whatdayaknow? Violating the 4 rules results in death.

    I rank people who violate the 4 rules right up there with people who think they can beat the train. You may get lucky a thousand times, but it only takes one unlucky time to kill you.

  2. Sad. The same thing happened to Jon-Erik Hexum.

  3. FWM: You know I was thinking the same thing; I couldn't remember the actor's name.

  4. Jade,

    I couldn't remember his name either but I remembered he starred in The Voyagers.