Sunday, October 24, 2010

WaPo Investigative Articles on Crime Guns


Under the law, investigators cannot reveal federal firearms tracing information that shows how often a dealer sells guns that end up seized in crimes. The law effectively shields retailers from lawsuits, academic study and public scrutiny. It also keeps the spotlight off the relationship between rogue gun dealers and the black market in firearms.
We'll be discussing further. I'm sure the gunloons are awaiting their talking points from NRA HQ.


  1. FWM, I hate to shatter your bubble, but my knowledge of Firearms does not come from Wikipedia, but you will believe that no matter what I show you. BTW, What branch of Service were YOU in, FWM?

    None of this comes as a surprise to me given my 15 years of being a part of the Criminal Justice system.

    The "pro-gun" side doesn't want to admit that its policies enable criminals and other disqualified persons access to firearms.

    They would rather blame that on "gun control" which is a joke: there isn't "gun control" in the US and hasn't been any significant form of it ever.

  2. No need to wait for the NRA.

    The article deals with straw purchases. It identifies a (as in one) gunshop with a large percentage of sales that end up in criminal hands.

    Calling them "rogue" is a bit misleading. The shop named and shamed---Realco---was investigated by the State Police. Nada. They were following the rules.

    So do we need new rules to deal with this? Or should the cops enforce existing laws against straw purchasers and criminals who use guns? Or maybe it's just the price of doing [Second Amendment-protected] business.

    Gun shops don't kill people. People with guns kill people. Sometimes.

  3. RF: Not exactly. You are free to pretend this is all about straw purchases but that's kind of like arguing the attack on Pearl Harbor was just about Hawaii.

    If we assume it's just about straw purchases--why is it that just this gun shop seems to have such a problem? Why aren't such problems divided more or less equally among all MD gun retailers?

    Of course, the real lede is how the gun lobby protects criminal activity.

  4. You are free to pretend this is all about straw purchases but that's kind of like arguing the attack on Pearl Harbor was just about Hawaii.

    LOL, analogy FAIL.

  5. Laci,

    I was never in the military and have never claimed to be. You have, on a couple of occasions, quoted direct from Wikipedia. Now, I do not necessarily claim that is a bad thing, but it does make it appear that is the extent of your first hand gun experience unless there is more you would care to share?

  6. FWM, you attributed my comment that the M2 was made as a selective fire version of the M1, which is common knowledge to be taken from wikipedia. This was to try and denigrate my firearms experience, which you do.

    I started shooting .22 at 7 years old, which means I have been shooting for 43 years, including my time in the military. Believe it or not, my family owns firearms in both the US and UK. I know in your opinion that I can't be a gun owner since I believe in restrictions on ownership and use.

    But, I also know that you don't believe in climate change.

    So, you can believe that black is white and my firearms knowledge comes from wikipedia if you want. But,it ain't true.

  7. Realco received a clean bill of health from the local cops, says Farago. Well that settles that. I guess that "four times" figure is just coincidence.

    Anyway, I've already devised a good solution to the straw purchasing problem.

  8. Laci, thank you for sharing your gun owning experience.

    So when did I say I didn't believe in climate change?

    Your problem is that you lump anyone that questions the new global warming religion into one label: deniers. The truth is that there are those that don't just drink the global warming kool-aid without denying the problem of global warming.

    There are plenty of folks that do not question the existence of global warming but do not think that it is man-made but rather a planetary cycle. Then there are those that do not deny the existence of global warming but do not think that communist wealth sharing plots will fix it. Finally there are those that do not deny it but simply do not give a shit.

  9. "Anyway, I've already devised a good solution to the straw purchasing problem."

    And I gave an addition on the same page that makes it far more sensible.

  10. One way to cut down on straw purchasers is to throw them in jail. Law Enforcement ignores plenty of straw purchasing criminals though. There is even video evidence on YouTube of straw purchasing but it goes largely ignored.

    Do a search on YouTube for self avowed straw purchaser "Collin Goddard" or "Bloomberg stings" and you will see unlawful straw purchasers in action, glorified by anti-gun groups that promote such reckless, unlawful behavior.

  11. Shorter FWM: Punish straw purchasers who advocate gun control.

  12. "Shorter FWM: Punish straw purchasers who advocate gun control."

    Punish straw purchasers.

    There, even shorter. I wish you Mike and that fat cow in Chicago would quit enabling criminals.

  13. C'mon, FWM, those so-called Bloomberg sting operations and the purchases young Colin made for his video don't count. They were done for the express purpose of proving that such a thing is easily done. The guns they procured did not go into the criminal world.

    Your insistence on focusing on them is plain and simple obfuscation.