Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Near-DGU in Kansas City

If it weren't for that video surveillance this could easily have gone down as one of John Lott's DGUs.

But [Prosecutor Jim] Kanatzar said the shooting didn’t qualify as self-defense for several reasons: Jones didn’t have a weapon; he was outside the store; the clerks had Jones outnumbered; police were on the way; and Jones had tried to flee.

“The possession and use of a firearm requires a high level of responsibility,” Kanatzar said. “We’re alleging the defendant resorted to the use of deadly force in a situation where it was not necessary and therefore not justified.”
What do you think? Is this kind of abuse on the part of a legitimate gun owners as rare as the pro-gun crowd pretend?

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  1. If it were that rare, why would they need to change the law of self-defence?

  2. FWM, You know I love it when you make penis jokes.

    Thanks for that link too. That is one entertaining story.