Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Virginia Gun Shows

Here's a wonderful slide show depicting the tragic mental illness which runs unabated in Virginia.

I liked picture no. 16, containing the following explanation.

Bailey shows his personal FN .45-caliber handgun. "Do I feel responsible for someone using a gun in a crime? Honestly, I don't," Bailey said. "If somebody goes down to Lowe's and buys a lead pipe and goes out here and beats somebody to death . . . nobody in Lowe's feels responsible for that."
The pro-gun crowd have various ways of expressing this idea. Of course it's complete nonsense. There are often indications that a certain buyer of a gun, or a lead pipe for that matter, is not fit to have it. But in order to make it into that coveted group of the top suppliers of guns used in crime, you have to turn a blind eye to stuff like that.

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  1. So you're saying the teenage cashier at Lowe's should be screening people who buy pipes?