Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Virginia Gun Owner

A picture is worth a thousand words, but here's the story, if you want to read it. I seem to see more of these stories coming from gun-friendly states. Do you think there's something to that? I know we have daily reports from Chicago and New York, but as the pro-gun crowd often says, they're usually drug or gang related. The stories I'm talking about are the ones which better define the gun culture.

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  1. Mikeb30200:

    The comment that was made in the "comments section" after the story said there had been a "rough patch" in the area lately with three other domestic violence shootings (one was a "septic tank murder"--I did not pursue that lead) all of which featured drugs/alcohol. Apparently they did not feature gunz.

    In the photo that accompanies the story the FLAG* is handcuffed and is being led to an ambulance by two cops. Underneath the photo is an offer for those who want to buy the photo.

    * Formerly Law Abiding Gunzperp.