Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gunloonery As Religion

"You would get a far better understanding if you approached us as if you were approaching one of the great religions of the world."--Warren Cassidy, NRA Executive VP.

When one comes to the gun debate, the great lesson that is quickly learned is that gunloonery is a religion or a faith. Its adherents are rapidly exposed as unable to argue or debate based on facts or science. In fact, if you do refer to facts or scientific studies, you are told all universities, all research facilities, all scientific bodies are biased and wrong. You will be told statistics are "hogwash" and statistical inference is slightly less reputable than alchemy.


  1. Yes, they do have a religious fervor and an answer for everything. The best one for me is when they literally connect gun rights and religion. Bob S. wrote extensively about it, in the Linoge method of verbosity.

    This is a biased stubbornness which knows no bounds.

  2. An interesting concept since I have noticed a worship of the firearm and attributing to them mystic powers of protection. Part of me sees similarities to the John Frum religion with an exception being that the firearm is seen in terms of US cinema as being able to protect the bearer from all evils. I may yet blog on the religion of the gun in the US.

  3. I may yet blog on the religion of the gun in the US.

    I'm sure all two of your readers will enjoy it.

  4. Laci: Actually, I see I kind of radical militant Anabaptist influence on gunloonery.

  5. It's odd how 180-degrees-out Jaded's assertion is; it's anti-rights folks who usually ignore facts.

  6. TN Bud:

    The facts are all on my side, not yours.

    As I sagely noted, I've had gunloons assert that "all statistics are hogwash."

    I could easily point you in the direction of those who believe universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins are all biased and produce studies with results for whomever pays them. We've seen gunloons claim organizations such as the AMA and almost all police and law enforcement agencies are biasedand commit fraud.

  7. Good points, Jadegold. I guess when you've got the Constitution and the Bible on your side, you can ignore what you like.