Thursday, November 4, 2010

Maleanie Hain Back in the News

As embarrassing as it is, the Meleanie Hain story is back in the news.

Meleanie Hain's license to carry a weapon was revoked in 2008 after parents complained she endangered the community by openly carrying a gun to her 5-year-old daughter's soccer games. 

A judge later reinstated the permit. But Hain and her husband sued Lebanon County Sheriff Michael DeLeo, claiming they suffered emotional distress and lost customers for her home baby-sitting service. 

U.S. Middle District Judge Yvette Kane tossed the lawsuit Tuesday. It had been continued by Hain's estate.

Hain's husband, Scott, fatally shot her in October 2009 at their home before killing himself.
What's your opinion? Are you unclear on what I mean by "embarrassing?"  Well, here it is.

1. Filing a frivolous lawsuit claiming emotional distress.
2. Filing a frivolous lawsuit for having lost customers for your home baby-sitting service when it turned out to be a violent and dangerous home.
3. Having been raised to the level of role-model for gun owners in general and women in particular only to end up murdered with a gun by your husband.

These are embarrassing facts, which I suppose the pro-gun crowd was well aware of when they reacted with such ferocity to any negative comments or observations at the time of the murder-suicide. I wonder if things are any different now.

The fact is, poor Meleanie is a perfect illustration of what's wrong with guns. An armed woman are no match for a murderous, suicidal husband. What helps in that type of abusive relationship is to leave him, and if that's not possible or until it is possible, to get the guns out of the house. Becoming the armed soccer-mom poster child was the exact wrong thing for her to do.

What's your opinion?  Please leave a comment.


  1. You do realize that her husband, the murderer, was a LEO in PA and thus none of your proposed gun laws would have applied to him.

    Also, there's nothing frivolous about suing someone who blatantly violates your civil rights.

  2. Nothing wrong with guns at all. The problem is with the people who pull the triggers.

    You obviously align yourself with those who wrongly own and use guns. Therefore, you can't ever own a gun; nor can you rely on anyone else for protection who owns - uses a gun. This includes the police, because sometimes police will wrongly pull triggers.

    Grow yourself a pair, libtard. You shame the rest of the world's male population with your lefty leanings.

  3. I'm a lifetime NRA member, and oppose those of you who haven't a clue and seek to undermine the 2nd Amendment.

    Glad I found you. I'll be monitoring this site for hate speech and other lefty violations.

  4. Serr8d: Glad to hear it. Perhaps Jeffy Goldstein will give you a cookie.

  5. Serr8d, You're very welcome to monitor us all you want. In fact I'd like to hear your opinion.

    You may notice that one of your comments went into the shitcan. If you're unclear about what qualifies for that, it's when you sound like kaveman. It's not that he's banned or anything, it's simply that vile insulting crap like he often writes gets deleted.

    When you said that I obviously align myself with those who misuse firearms, you've got it exactly backwards. You're the one who does that. You and your friends, some of you that is, do that. And you and your friends, some of you that is, through stupidity or malice supply the criminals with their guns.

  6. it's simply that vile insulting crap like he often writes gets deleted.

    And yet Jadegold spews his vile, insulting crap all over this website MikeB.

  7. Obviously you don't know Jeff Goldstein, or you wouldn't allow your chosen one's comment to stand.

    I could care less what you delete, it's your blog to do with as you please. You'd get the same treatment at mine. What I wouldn't do is allow some backstory bashing of an innocent third party.

    Jadegold hasn't the decency to come to protein wisdom and spout her antisemitic smart remarks; your allowing them to stand unquestioned speaks as much of your character as it does ms. gold's.

    I've trained more professionals and private citizens in proper gun handling and safety than you have; your only contribution to gun safety is to sit back and render judgment calls on issues where you've no expertise. You are an obvious statist who thinks citizens should be much less than the State, should be wholly protected and nurtured by the State, should have no private access to their own basic rights to defend themselves from the elements of society you and yours wish to coddle. I've always supported strong prison terms for misuse of a firearm in a criminal act; a 10-year federal prison sentence with no parole possible just for committing a felony with a gun, on top of whatever other judgment is rendered. I support the death penalty for murderers using weapons of any sort. I also support sweeps of government-run housing to thwart criminal gang activity. I support cracking down on video games and movies that make light of gun use. I tell people to watch a TV show or movie, and when they see a gun in an actor's hand, to visualize a banana. I would support requiring Hollywood to 'banana up', and use obvious props instead of 'real' fake guns. I do believe that children learn from what they see; I've trained parents to take their young children shooting, just to hear how loud a handgun's report is, and to see exactly what happens when you fire a real, non-Hollywood gun. I've trained some of the finest law-enforcement officers on combat shooting techniques; how to stay alive when under fire.

    What have you done, again ?

  8. Serr8d, I like your name by the way. It conjures up very macho dangerous images of one of those Rambo-style knives. Very cool.

    You're right that I don't know who Jeff Goldstein is, but you're wrong that I wouldn't have let the comment stand otherwise. Jadegold is a co-blogger around here so he can write what he wants, unlike you who have to pass muster.

    I noticed that you referred to Jadegold as "her." That's interesting to me because I just had a thing with Robert Farago about that. One of his co-bloggers did that several times in a post and I questioned it in a comment. Although Robert didn't tell me what I just told you about the rights of a co-blogger as opposed to those of a common commenter, he did edit my comment and ignore my question.

    I mentioned that this use of the feminine personal pronoun reminds me of the Parris Island drill instructor who refers to the recruits as "ladies." This is obviously a derogatory term which reveals a deep misogyny.

    Along with all your credentials which you so kindly listed, I loved the banana ones, by the way, you failed to mention anything about your personal attitude towards women, and while we're at it, we might as well throw in minorities and gays. How about it, Serr8d, how do you stand on those issues? And please explain to us your use of the word "her."

  9. In this very thread Jadegold asked me if I were a man. I sincerely believe turn about is fair play; Alinsky tactics used against me and other Tea Partiers should be returned immediately. I've posted as such, and will return such 'freeze, personalize and polarize' attacks immediately.

    Since you are interested in attacking guns and their users, Jeff Goldstein's primary focus on intentionalism and language might not interest you. His post on Second Amendment intentionalism might prove interesting, though.

    A bit deeper in my interpretation of 'jadegold'. If you've never read 'Dying of the Light' by George R.R. Martin, this won't mean a thing to you; but a certain character in that excellent novel binds his woman to him with a jade-and-silver bond. This immediately came to mind when I read his 'handle', and I wondered what price she might've commanded with a jade-and-gold bond. ;D