Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mudrake on the Election

Our friend Mudrake wrote a wonderful essay about the election.

Rancor, division, obstructionism often work better than flying planes into tall buildings.  The anger foments and spreads like a cancer across the land.  We witnessed that anger in $3 billion of negative TV commercials, 24/7 for the past month.  That constant,  negative energy emanating from our TV sets is absorbed into our psyche and festers. 
What do you think? Is that an accurate picture of what's gone on lately?  Is the description of the President's reaction correct? And John Boehner, what do you think of him?

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  1. It could be that very few polititians can run on their own merits these days. That would certainly explain the attack ads that attempt to show how "less bad" a candidate is rather than how good they actually are.

  2. Our local races were particular nasty this year. In the State Representative race, the Democrats resorted to theft and vandalism when their attack mailers and ads failed to get them any support. They began by stealing yard signs along major roads by the hundreds.

    Then they escalated to hacking and slashing larger signs and leaving the tattered remains. Finally they chainsawed a 40 foot pole that had a sign on it and damaged a crane that had another sign hoisted high in the air.

    Happily their tactics failed them and the honest man won the election with a huge margin.

  3. C'mon, FWM, were the Dems the only ones doing shit like that in your area?

    It's funny how your reports always support you already-decided opinions. I thought I was the one who does that.

  4. MikeB,

    I don't know what already decided opinion you are talking about. I just reported what is well known fact and reported in the local media.

    Hundreds of road signs for the Republican candidate were stolen while those of his opponent were untouched. You could drive down any local highway on the week leading up to the election and see the vandalized larger signs while those of his opponent were untouched. The sheriff department is investigating the destruction of the 40' sign and the criminal damage done to the crane as the damage is in the thousands of dollars.

    I don't know if this kind of nasty activity took place elsewhere or by another party but this is what happened locally and it backfired on the perpetrators as their candidate lost by a far larger margins than the polls suggested.