Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Straw Purchases or Theft

Which means supplies more guns to the criminal world?  This story supports the "theft theory."

Numerous guns were stolen Friday from a residence near Mondovi, Wis., including a fully-automatic machine gun, according to the Buffalo County Sheriff's Office.

Chief Deputy Colin Severson declined to say what type of guns or how many were stolen from the residence on County Road H in the town of Naples, other than that "numerous" long guns and handguns were taken. The guns were not antiques.

He said the machine gun was legally owned and that the residence is not a police officer's home, but declined to be more specific. It is illegal for most people to possess a machine gun in Wisconsin.
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  1. The story says nothing about a straw purchase. Whose ass did you pull that out of?

    You are really going to win people over to your lost & stolen law nonsense if you accuse them of being a Colin Goddard every time they report one stolen.

  2. FWM, Maybe my post was a bit too abrupt. I was continuing the discussions we've had on numerous occasions, also with you, about the question of where guns used in crime come from. I say mainly straw purchases, others say theft. You can call that pulling something out of someone's ass if you want, but that's what I was talking about.

    You second paragraph lost me.