Friday, November 5, 2010

I Say Indict the Bums

Mike Licht has a post up about George W. Bush's book which is coming out in which he admits to authorizing torture.

Mike's conclusion:
 Waterboarding is not just criminal, cruel, and inhumane.  It is also useless and unproductive.
What's your opinion? Do you find it admirable that the former president is admitting this? Or does such an admission further damage the already poor reputation of the United States.

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  1. How about your reputation? It's not so long ago that you were advocating torture.

  2. The fact that the military water-boarded terrorists is not nearly as embarrassing as Obama's "world apology and bowing to foreign idiots" tour was.

  3. Now, Van Dyke, that's not fair. Mine was a brief moment in which I was carried away with fantasies about Jack Bauer. I admitted my mistake as soon as Jadegold pointed it out to me.

    Bush on the other hand was the leader of the free world and he and his buddies condoned this dirty business and now openly admit it.

    It's tragic for the U.S. reputation in the world. Those guys have brought us down a couple notches.