Friday, November 5, 2010

The Navy Seal Loophole


  1. Claiming already-illegial activities are "allowed" by a "loophole" is dishonest and dilutes the term to meaningless.

    We better close this identity theft loophole... domestic violence still occurs so handcuffs should be worn along with rings... oh, and fences should be put perpindicular to all streets to close the so-called jay-walking loophole.

  2. and dilutes the term to meaningless.

    Misuse of the term "loophole" has already made it meaningless. It's about time for them to find a new buzzword to scare the sheep with.

  3. I only like the word "loophole" because it pisses you guys off, especially FWM. He hates it so much he didn't even comment on this one.

    The "loophole" we're talking about though is an interesting one. Like certain diplomats and airline pilots, I suppose, Navy SEALS, aren't subject to the same scrutiny when deploying back to the states as far as what they bring with them.

    What would you call that, if not a "loophole?"

  4. I call it illegal, Mike.

  5. Federal air marshals are exempt from security screening. I call that a loophole.

    Derp. Derp.

  6. Ultimate betrayal of a sacred trust. I hope that guy gets life.