Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Small Town Alaska

This terrible shooting between two friends leaves one dead and the other in jail.  No one can understand it. They're all so shocked. Nothing like this has ever happened in their peaceful town and especially in the "family-friendly" lounge in which the shooting took place.

I wondered if the only difference between this town and Baltimore, let's say, is the number of inhabitants.  Now that Talkeetna has an incident to work with, it should be a simple matter of dividing their population into that of Baltimore's in order to get the factor.  Then, you'll need to add some economic and social problems like they have in the lower 48, and it'll all make sense.

Guns are bad news in bars and everywhere else for that matter.  If this small town was so peaceful, what need was there for carrying a handgun anyway? If Dirk Fast had received an uncalled-for and surprising punch on the nose, the Latitude 62 would still be known as a family-friendly place. But those days are over.

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