Monday, November 1, 2010

Assisted Suicide By the Tacoma Police

The poor guy didn't even fire the gun.

What's your opinion? Does the sanctity of life end at birth, like old George says?

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  1. "The poor guy didn't even fire the gun."

    Actually, the news report yo linked to said that it was unclear if the suspect had fired his gun.

    But regardless, what would you have the police do, wait until he shoots one of them to prove he was serious?

  2. I find it amazing the logical inconsistency Mikeb302000 displays.

    If a gun owner simply Open Carries a in public, that gun owner is threatening everyone.

    If a despondent man raises (and possibly fires) a firearm at police, then apparently there is no threat.

    Guess the cops should wait until he shots them or others before they take action.

  3. Anon: The problem is that the CCW holder and despondent nut are often the same person.

  4. Jadegold,

    Sorry but your sentence is in english but translates as gibberish.

    It has nothing to do with CCW in this case.

    MikeB302000 and heck, I'm sure we could find your statements some where, has stated that simply carrying a firearm in public is threatening.

    Then here is a case of a person who points a firearm at the police and it appears Mikeb302000 doesn't find that threatening.

    If the cops had let the man commit suicide, then MikeB302000 would be crowing about another "firearm related suicide".

    If they hadn't stopped the man, then MikeB302000 would be crowing about another person brandishing a firearm.

    Seems like Mikeb302000 doesn't care the patrons of the restaurant knew he was suicidal but didn't stop him from getting his firearm, didn't call his family to help, didn't tackle the guy and prevent him from harming anyone -- a dozen different things could have been done but weren't.

    Wonder if the staff had been serving him alcohol -- but we can't blame anything other then the firearm for this death, eh?

    Can't blame the system that lets mentally ill people walk the streets.

    Can't blame the patrons who did nothing.

    Can't blame the family for not making sure he received professional help.

    Nope -- let's blame the inanimate object.

    The same object that is frightening on another person's belt suddenly becomes harmless in the hands of someone who may or may not have been mentally ill.

  5. Anonymous is trying to confuse matters by comparing very different types of threats. The open-carry guy is indeed threatening to most people. It's a tacit bullying kind of threat which is like saying, "don't fuck with me, or else."

    The pathetic suicidal guy in this story who had a gun, I guess I would call him a potential threat, given the fact that he could raise the weapon and shoot. I wonder if shooting him to death was a bit much.

    Then of course you've got the bad guy who overtly threatens by aiming a gun at someong or even firing it. That's a real threat.

    Does that help?

  6. Hey Mikey,

    Way to try to weasel around what happened.

    First, the "despondent" guy isn't necessarily suicidal

    Despondent: feeling or showing extreme discouragement, dejection, or depression

    He could have been homicidal.

    I know you have a problem with being able to read but come on

    given the fact that he could raise the weapon and shoot.

    He did raise the weapon!
    He pointed it at the police!

    You can't have it both ways Mikey!

    Either a weapon is threatening or it isn't.

    If pointing a weapon at the police isn't threatening, then simply having one in a holster isn't.