Saturday, December 11, 2010

He Fights for Our Liberty!!!

Angus of Hamildon
   Sean D. Sorrentino:
There's no compromise to be had. No free citizen should be prevented from buying and carrying any arm (firearm or otherwise) he likes. No government agent should be notified when a citizen buys or carrys a firearm/knife/whatever. Background checks are ineffective, and a precurser to registration, and should be abolished.

Since I won't quit until citizens are free, where do you pretend you will find compromise?

Hahahahahahahahahaaha. Whew. Hahhahahahhahahhahahha.

Jeebus. What a drama queen.


  1. Gun regristration laws are for the government to know who has the weapons that may challenge thier power in the advent of martial law or some other future domestic security crack down. This is probaly unlikely though considering that the state has immensly more powerful weapons in both non lethal and lethal form to keep an angry and violent population in line. Although the second amendment was written to protect the nation with a civilian military, the advent of the All Volunteer Force (AVF) after the Vietnam War has allowed the government to become more powerful with the military having a vested interest in protecting the power of the government as opposed to protecting the civil population.
    Most second amendment supporters are undermining themesleves with their usual strong support for the military, and the power projection it uses that often leads to blow back on soft targets as was the case on 9-11 and the Marriot Hotel in Pakistan in 2008.

  2. Illusions of grandeur by fighting a make believe revolution....and defeating illusionary tyranny. What a way to live.

    Guntards one and all.

  3. Yes indeed, BantheNRA. They suffer from grandiose victimism. Sean Sorrentino is one of the worst afflicted.

    Thanks for the laugh Jadegold.