Monday, December 6, 2010

The Terrible Oppression of Badger Guns

Another law suit is coming against the Milwaukee criminal's best friend, Badger guns. Here we discussed the first one. At that time I thought nothing much would come of it, but now perhaps momentum is building against this notorious operation.

Two Milwaukee police officers, wounded with a gun sold by Badger Guns, are expected to sue the West Milwaukee gun dealer Monday, joining two other wounded officers who earlier filed suit against the store.

Bryan Norberg and Graham Kunisch, who both have life-long disabilities as a result of the June 2009 shooting, allege in the latest suit that Badger Guns and its owners were negligent when selling the gun used to shoot them, and that the store has become a public nuisance, according to a copy of the complaint provided to the Journal Sentinel.

Norberg and Kunisch are two of six Milwaukee police officers injured over a 20-month period with guns sold by Badger Guns or its predecessor, Badger Outdoors.
"Or its predecessor," did you get that?  Shabby only begins to describe it. 

What's your opinion? 


  1. Once again, the gun dealer doesn't approve the purchase, the FBI does.

  2. So Mike, you are in favor of removing the Brady NICS check and making the gun shop responsible for all sales instead?

  3. I wonder if people can sue car manufacturers and dealers for selling a car to someone who has previous DUIs. Wouldn't they bear responsibility for arming these dangerous criminals if their weapons were used to maim or kill an innocent victim?

  4. Jim, You must be new around here, We just laugh at car comparisons. Thanks for the attempt though.

    The implication, which removes this from the comparison you made, is that Badger Guns regularly turns a blind eye to obvious straw purchases. In addition they probably allow guns to get "lost" and cover that up.

    It's because of places like this that I've devised a perfect solution, at least to the straw purchasing part, which does not require the cooperation of the unscrupulous gun dealer.