Thursday, December 9, 2010

Too Easy

So..Bitter and Sebby attempt to tagteam Japete's what they do.  That is, when Bitter isn't eating.  Bitter makes an interesting claim:

She’s [japete] convinced that McFate had full access to Senators and Representatives and was possibly telling them to be more pro-gun. Seriously, how many doors does she think the name “Brady Campaign” really opens on Capitol Hill?

Umm..Bitter? If the Brady Campaign is so trivial and meaningless, why did the NRA spend at least $80,000 (that we know of) to infiltrate and spy on the Brady Campaign?

Anyhoo, Sebby tries his hand and fails:
Joan reminds me of my grandmother in many ways. I loved my grandmother, but I wouldn’t have put her on the board of anything as a representative of a movement.
Oh, the irony. Sebby would much rather be represented by someone like Ted Nugent–a racist, draft dodger, and child molester.  Of course, it’s pretty easy to review the history of the NRA and find many of its leaders were criminals, adulterers, racists and assorted grifters.

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  1. Thanks for laugh so early in morning, puts a nice bounce in my step on this sunny day.....

    But you bring up a interesting point. Why are gun nuts always so damn obese?

    I'm thinking of these new terms to use;


    Any thoughts?

    I'm just surprised gun nuts don't use guns to feed each other.