Friday, December 10, 2010

Joel Rosenberg - Poster Boy Search Continues

This time they may be on to something. Poor Oppressed Joel, who went out of his way to challenge the police on the question of open carry, ended up indicted and thrown in jail.  This makes him the ideal candidate for the coveted position of Poster Boy for the Grandiose Vicitm Gun Crowd.

The funniest part is this.
And so, Rosenberg was arrested this morning for felony possession of a dangerous weapon in a courthouse and for willful disobedience of a court mandate. He will be arraigned tomorrow.

It's all fun and games until someone gets thrown in the slammer.
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  1. He broke no laws and got thrown in jail for the non-crime of "contempt of cop."

    I hope he wins his civil suit once criminal proceedings have ended.

    Joel Rosenberg is a poster boy for all that is great about this country.

  2. Hust goes to show gunloons believe that owning a gun means never having to obey the law.

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  4. I see my link has been modified. I guess I shouldn't expect anything less from you two.

  5. Ruffy:

    Your link was not modified. It was approved as you wrote it. Perhaps, when you overcome your fit of paranoia and persecution, you might wish to amend it to link where you want it to.

  6. Typical guntardness. Always thinking the silly notice of the guys with the guns make the rules.

  7. I see a pattern.

    White? Check.
    Male? Check.
    Fat? Check.
    Bald? Check.
    Fantasy fan? Check.

  8. RuffRidr, I like to repeat what Jadegold said. No one did anything to your comment. Please send it again.

    As far as Rosenberg not having broken any laws except "contempt of cop," that's just bullshit. He purposely broke laws about carrying in the courthouse for the express purpose of becoming the next persecuted poster boy.

  9. An armed and vocal Jew in a cage, and another armed and very vocal Jew dead.

    You gun KKKontrol hatemongers must be thrilled.