Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Toughest President of All Time

via TV Squad

Roosevelt was attacked by a deranged innkeeper named John Schrank, who shot the president as he was about to deliver a speech. The bullet passed through Teddy's coat, through his steel eyeglass case, and was finally slowed down by the manuscript of the 50-page speech that Roosevelt was carrying within his jacket.

After being shot point-blank in the chest, Teddy stepped onto the stage -- as blood was beginning to spread across his shirt -- and delivered the speech anyway. The bullet stayed lodged in his chest for the rest of his life.


  1. I pointed it out a while back and made it quite clear that I find Ruffy's use of TR as an avatar quite ironic.

    If not just plain tasteless.

    Don't forget that TR came into power after the McKinley assassination, which was accomplished with a handgun.

    Personally, he should use JFK as an avatar since JFK saw REAL combat in WWII.

    But that would be obviously tasteless, using TR lets Ruffy get away with being an idiot since most people don't know about the TR assassination attempt perpetrated by a person with a handgun.

  2. Factoid...

    TR is the reason Teddy bears are called Teddy bears. As a hunter, he valued the great outdoors and did much to preserve wild spaces.

    Much as hunters today are the single largest group of environmentalists and conservationalists.

    You might want to research(I know, perish the thought)where that 10% and 11% tax on guns and ammo goes towards.