Saturday, December 11, 2010

Swiss Guns in the Home

via Laci.

The Swiss government has already cast its vote, stating that things are fine the way they are.

The people’s initiative, launched by the centre-left Social Democratic Party – Sommaruga’s own party – as well as pacifist and doctors’ organisations, will be put to a nationwide vote on February 13, 2011.

What's the big deal? Why are folks trying to change a long standing tradition?
According to the committee which launched the initiative, around 2.3 million weapons are in circulation in Switzerland, of which 1.7 million are current or old army-issue rifles and pistols. It claims army weapons are responsible for around 300 deaths a year.
What's your opinion? Is there really another secret agenda? Are these folks intent on removing basic human rights from their fellows? I mean, it can't be to save the 300 lives, a number that is practically negligible compared to the total number of guns.

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  1. Gun banners have never cared about saving lives. They care about banning guns. That is their true agenda and it's not a secret.

  2. switzerland is a small well governed country with a strong economy. there is not the huge disparity in wealth and poverty in the country and most of the guns in circulation are long barrel fire arms used by the military. A true civil miltia that the US second amendment is based on.
    The American all volunteer Force (AVF)which is a large professional (paid) armed forces strongly interwined with a less than honest government, the 2nd amendment is more to protect government tryanny in America than to protect the nation from attack from foriegners like in Switzerland.
    Most Swiss are more educated in global affairs and they know once the US dominated international system starts to unravel, there is no telling what kind of population migration flows might occur in Europe. the Swiss want the ability to quickly deploy its citizens to protect its external borders from people trying to escape the instability of other countries in the region. Italy, with its large mafia penetration in Italian politics, and a country with over 40 US military bases, is a country the Swiss are sure to be keeping an eye on.

  3. AztecRed, Your belief in a not-so-secret agenda is evidence of paranoia.