Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Guns in Bars - Texas Style

Just another anecdotal story, yeehaw, as Jadegold put it.

A man was arrested after he allegedly fatally shot two men — one of whom was his father-in-law — and injured a woman at a Texas City bar Saturday night, authorities said.

Robert Hernandez Ramos, 61, was charged with capital murder in the shooting deaths of Robert Cantu, 67, and Roger Doyle Robinson, 58, at the Little Doggie bar in the 500 block of Texas Avenue, said Texas City Police Department Capt. Brian Goetschius.

Witnesses told police that Ramos allegedly came in through the side door of the Little Doggie around 5 p.m., immediately walked up to Cantu, who was sitting in the bar, and shot him in the head, Goetschius said.

Cantu, who is Ramos' father-in-law, died instantly.

"In my career, this is truly what appears to be an execution-style murder with no warning or provocation," Goetschius said. While the motive is still under investigation, police said it appears Ramos shot his father-in-law to get back at his wife whom he was having problems with.
What do you say, can we count that as a domestic shooting? Yeah, let's count it on two lists, the bar list and the domestic list. That's how we'll keep up with Lott.

What do you thinik? I wonder if anyone checked to see if Robert Ramos had a concealed carry permit.  I really don't think anyone's keeping an accurate count of those.

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  1. Once again, you post a story where people are illegally carrying guns in a place where guns are prohibited by law and they use them to commit other illegal acts so we need what, more laws for them to disregard?

  2. Mikey,

    I don't understand.

    According to you; law enforcement agencies don't like average people carrying weapons and especially don't like them carrying concealed.

    Isn't that what you say Mikey?

    If law enforcement doesn't like concealed carry; why wouldn't they take every opportunity to point out the problems with concealed weapon license holders?

  3. Sorry, Anonymous, where did you get this from?

    "According to you; law enforcement agencies don't like average people carrying weapons and especially don't like them carrying concealed."

  4. Ramos was already a convicted felon...he had the gun illegally. I am family and know this for a fact.

  5. Anonymous who is family to Ramos, where did he get the gun from, you? He got it from someone and if that person was a criminal he got it from someone. If you could go back far enough, you'll find a legitimate gun owner. That's the problem. You legitimate gun owners don't know how to hold on to your property.

  6. I am family of both the victim - Robert Cantu and Robert Hernandez...we don't know where he got it from, but he wasn't supposed to have one.