Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Giles Family

Alex Lawson of Media Matters for America provided a link to a short video interview he did at the CPAC with Regis Giles.

(photo credit Alex Lawson, CPAC 2011)

This is the gang about which I said the other day, "It's not all her fault."

If Giles' name is familiar, that's because she is the younger sister of ACORN prostitute-posingHannah Giles. Their father, Doug Giles, is the Christian motorcyclist talking head who condemned the "shemales" who hate Sarah Palin.
What's your opinion? Do you sometimes think conservative thinking and right wing politics are like contageous diseases? It must be hard for people surrounded by that stuff to escape.

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  1. Frankly I find most lefties and liberals hopelessly naive. I know very little of these folks no more than a two minute sketch on a nightly news show. I was more concerned about the bastardization of true liberalism by phonies like you

  2. "Phony?" What the hell are you talking about now? The "bastardization of true liberalism?" You are something else, P.