Monday, February 21, 2011

Seattle Cop Cleared in Woodcarver Killing

When the story first broke we had some doubts about the legitimacy of the shooting.  The fact that the police officer involved has now been exonerated hasn't changed a thing, as far as I'm concerned.

The fact that he's resigned is something at least. I don't mind that he escapes jail, but he should forfeit his gun rights.

What's your opinion?  Please leave a comment.


  1. "I don't mind that he escapes jail, but he should forfeit his gun rights."

    The man committed murder. At best he committed manslaughter, and the only way that makes sense is if you are heavily biased in favor of the police. You are okay with him not going to prison for killing a homeless guy but gee it's just not okay for him to be able to carry a gun without risking arrest?

    You are sick.

  2. I agree. The cop or should I say THUG should be put on trial which I am sure he will after a civil human rights case appears in the future. The fact that he was cleared is a sign that the ENTIRE SEATTLE POLICE DEPT is CORRUPT. Never again will I mourn the death of a Seattle cop but rather throw a party because there is one less 'PIG' out there thinking he is above the law. Phuck all you cops in Seattle and my Ian Birk burn in hell. Just sayin!

  3. Yes, I stand corrected. You guys are right. When cops kill wrongly they should go to jail like everybody else. It's not nearly enough to strip them of their gun rights.

    I think I was confusing this case with the frequent ones in which the dad leaves a gun lying around and the kid kills himself with it. In those cases the negligence is already punished by the death of the child, so it's enough to take away the guns.

    But the cops and other gun owners who kill people have to pay the price.