Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Girls Just Wanna Have Guns" and "Primal Urge"

via Jezebel

Regis Giles, the young opportunist who's trying to cash in on the right's fascination with tough-talking gals, introduced her company, "" and her upcoming cable TV show, "Primal Urge" at CPAC last week. You'd have to enter the seedy world of adult videos to find double entendres with greater sexual overtones than those classy titles, which of course betrays the fact that she's just another greedy opportunist. But, it's not all her fault. 
If Giles' name is familiar, that's because she is the younger sister of ACORN prostitute-posingHannah Giles. Their father, Doug Giles, is the Christian motorcyclist talking head who condemned the "shemales" who hate Sarah Palin.


  1. She's obviously compensating for something.

  2. I liked it. The phalic nature of the gun makes perfect sense for some woman to enjoy firearms.
    She looked a little border line butch. I will have to see if I can master that move she did with her shotgun.