Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's Wrong With This Picture?

You could ask Xavier, another self-proclaimed expert who enjoys unquestioning support from the gun-blogging community.  Hint: it's not the magazine size.


  1. All sorts of things are wrong:

    1. His barrel is not threaded for a suppressor.
    2. Therefore he lacks a suppressor. A suppressed gun is a happy gun.
    3. Magazine isn't big enough.
    4. That finish is pretty ugly. I mean, what is that?
    5. There is no confirmation of a goblin on the business end.

    All of those things are subjective of course.

  2. The muzzle flip would be easier to manage if he had a two handed grip on it when he fired it.

  3. Mike, you do realize that you have to put your finger on the trigger in order to fire the gun, right? If the rule was “never put your finger on the trigger under any circumstance- period”, guns would be pretty darn useless. Xavier was talking about slide catches after the last shot, and reloading 1911s, not to mention there are four pictures of the reload where his finger is well off the trigger. Seems like a desperate attempt at a gotcha.

  4. I'll bite, what's wrong with this picture?


  5. Really? Thats what he was talking about? This is obviously a pic of a gun being shot Mike. That's why it is kinda blurry and such. A 230 grain piece of metal sliding down a 5.5" tube at 900 fps will tend to do that.

  6. Yes, if the blurry effect is because it was snapped immediately after firing, I accept that as a good explanation for the finger on the trigger.

    You're right, TS, that was just an attempt at a "gotcha," I don't know how desperate it was, but you're right.