Friday, February 25, 2011

The Toll of Gun Violence

via Laci dedicated to Orygunner, whom I won't expect to watch the whole thing but I'll direct his attention to the 3:30 mark. That's how I feel about the leaky bucket, or the seive, as the priest says.


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  2. OK, you tricked me into watching the whole thing with your "I don't expect [Orygunner] to watch the whole thing" comment. Good job!

    A common thread throughout the video is that almost nobody mentioned the shooter that was responsible, almost everything in that video blamed the gun or "gun violence."

    "murdered with guns."

    "killed with guns."

    And at the end,

    "In memory of the 34 Americans murdered every day by gun violence. Let's talk about reducing that number."

    Yes, absolutely, let's do that!

    Let's start by examining what has worked and what hasn't.

    Here's what fails to show any real evidence that gun control laws have ever worked, anywhere:

    Here's an example of something that has actual evidence to prove it works:

    What's the difference? The gun control organizations sit on their ass and work for government to implement useless laws and the police to do all the work on the street. They don't do anything directly that has any effect on the "gun violence" they want to stop, instead wanting to put others (police) in harm's way to enforce gun control laws which have never really proven to have any positive effect anywhere they've been tried before.

    CeaseFire Chicago actually gets their hands dirty, getting down to business at the street level with violence prevention workers that work to stop violence where it occurs. Without calling for more useless gun control.

    The statements from the video:

    "It makes no sense for anyone to possess or acquire a gun unless they pass a background check."

    "If you don't close the loopholes, it's going to continue leaking, people will continue to die."

    The whole premise assumes that a) you can actually force violent criminals to go through a background check, and b) that you can close all the "leaks" or routes for guns to get to the street and into the hands of criminals.

    Even in the countries with the strictest, most well-enforced gun control, criminals still get a gun easily enough if they want them, and they don't need government permission to do it.

    Yes, let's talk about reducing ALL violent crime, and I'll bet we could find some solutions that would actually work.