Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Tennessee Gun Laws

Winston Dorian likes this, I suppose. He didn't really come right out and say it.
A measure that would exempt handgun permit holders from criminal background checks to buy weapons is one of two gun bills advancing in the state Senate.

The proposal sponsored by Republican Sen. Steve Southerland of Morristown was moved to the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday after passing the Senate Judiciary Committee 8-1. The companion bill is awaiting a vote in the same committee in the House.

The other proposal sponsored by Republican Sen. Mike Bell of Riceville states that it’s not an occupational hazard for employers to allow workers with handgun permits to carry their weapons at work. The measure is headed for a full Senate vote after also passing the Senate Judiciary Committee 8-1.
What's your opinion? Does it sometimes seem the lax gun states are competing with each other to see who can be the most irresponsible?

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  1. All this bill says is that if the state just spent money doing a criminal background check on you to get your license then there is no reason to do it again. Several states already have this in place including some of those you do not consider "lax".

  2. The problem FWM is that circumstances change. The cost of a criminal background check is minimal, and the reason for continuing to do so is that circumstances change. Names are added as records are updated that may have passed previously due to the utter inadequacy of many records and even some checks.

    This is like saying that no one should have to take another eye exam when renewing your drivers license - or renew it ever - because they passed a drivers test at age 16.

    Mike B, can you provide a link to the text of the bill? No offense to FWM, but I like to read these for myself; to often the descriptions and explanations given to deflect criticism are inaccurate.

  3. You would have to turn a blind eye to the facts to suggest removing background checks for handguns, which are used in a vast majority of gun crimes. Ridiculous nonsense. We need to strengthen background checks, and have them for ALL gun purchases, not remove them. A vast majority of Americans, including NRA members, feel the same as me on this.

    And as for carrying guns in workplaces, this is almost as ridiculous. There is no credible reason for it. More guns does not equal less crime, and statistics show it. I, for one, would refused to work in a place where my fellow employees were packing. There are always a few people, no matter where you work, who are emotional and potentially reactionary. I don't want to have to worry that they'll pull a gun because I confront them about missing a deadline or some such thing!

  4. here's the link, Dog Gone.

    And let's not forget it's not only good to repeat the background check to capture those who shouldn't have passed last time, whose records have been updated in the meantime, but also to pick up those who have done some disqualifying behaviour since getting the permit. I don't imagine there's a whole lot of efficiency in seeing that these guys are disarmed every time they do something wrong.

  5. I worry more about soldiers and police officers killing people than civilians with guns.Who kills all the people for tyrants like Hitler,Stalin,Mao,PolPot,Idi Amin,President Lincoln etc.It is the military forces and the law enforcers who kill enmass.2 million people in prison in the US.Who am i to complain? A former cop and soldier.If you just argue with a cop,you have a good chance of being shot,just words,no aggressive movements.It's all about who is in control,who is dominant.Sometimes the victim of a crime gets locked up because a cop doesn't like their attitude.Let the people have guns,historicly,all over the world,soldiers and cops have killed millions upon millions of unarmed citizens for evil men.

  6. I agree with not having to pay for background checks if you have a carry permit because the state approved your permit based on a background check they did and if you commit a crime your permit would be taken away so you you wouldn't have a carry permit anymore to say hey I don't have to pay for a background check