Monday, February 21, 2011

"It's the Classic, Didn't See It Coming,"

Always seems to work this way:
A dispute over a family dog precipitated a shooting Sunday in Palatine that left two people dead, Palatine Police stated.

Edward Kuemper, 49, 1540 E. Reynolds Drive, shot 21-year-old Bradley Morrison at about 8:34 p.m. before turning the .40 caliber handgun on himself.


  1. And the gun guys say legal gun owners are always responsible people -- that it's the drug dealers and gang members you have to be worried about.

    Most shootings don't fit that skewed profile. A gun in the home is 22-times more likely to harm the homeowner (including domestic violence and suicide) than to protect them.

  2. They should have seen it coming

    "Edward Kuemper" is only one letter more than "Edward Kemper" the serial killing giant.

  3. We should apply the natural and god-given human logic in my Famous 10% to all the gun owners we know. I'll bet you'd see some of them coming.

  4. @Baldr: Isn't the "22-times more likely" the likelihood that a firearm will kill a person in the home than KILL an intruder?

    Defensive gun uses from MULTIPLE studies far outweigh the number of gun-related accidents, assaults, and deaths, and in the vast majority of times guns are used in self defense (around 95% of the time), no shots are even fired.

    Pick any year from any of the studies shown and the number of defensive gun uses > firearm-related injuries/deaths.


  5. Orygunner, Hasn't Kleck's been disproved?