Wednesday, February 23, 2011

St. Petersburg FL - Third Cop Killed

via Dog Gone of Penigma.

A 25-year veteran of the St. Petersburg, Fla., police was gunned down Monday night while trying to apprehend a suspected burglar, becoming the department's third member to be killed in the line of duty in less than a month.
The guns, which are apparently more available than ever on the streets of St. Petersburg, have all come from legitimate gun owners. This has been an overlooked fact of life in the old lawful-gun-owners vs. criminal-gun-owners discussions.

In places like Florida, criminals have an easier time obtaining guns. It's a direct result of the lax gun laws and the self-serving, consequences-be-damned attitudes of the legitimate gun owners.

That's why I say they're responsible.


  1. Sounds like the officer waited and let the criminal shoot first. Isn't this what you would like to see in police officer interactions with criminals?

  2. No, Jim, it's not. But I certainly don't what them shooting unarmed people because they don't want to wait that extra split-second to be sure.

    It's a tough job.