Saturday, October 15, 2011

Anchorage Alaska the Last True Gun Owner's Paradise

The Anchorage Daily News reports

A shootout that left two men dead and two people injured at an East Anchorage bar Monday started with heated words inside the bar, then spilled into the bar's parking lot, where the fight quickly became a gunbattle, according to new court documents.
The story describes a very common scene of men shooting pool in a bar, getting mouthy with each other, and ending up in the parking lot to settle it. The only difference is in Alaska they all have guns.

What's your opinion? Is that what you call paradise? If you wanted to go to a restaurant or bar with your family, would you feel safe?

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  1. I've just finished watching about five seasons' worth of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" on Netflix.

    One of the things that the show started doing years ago was showing corpses with pretty convincing wounds and lots of blood. While I think that they were more than a bit over the top the gory staging employed does have the effect of making some folks aware that shooting people does not always result in a good looking corpse or a lightly wounded victim.

    If I was in the AK state police or prosecutor's office I would use the photos from that crime scene in a series of public service billboards, akin to those used by the anti-smoking campaigns.

  2. That's exactly what they don't want to do in gun friendly places like AK. It's part of the con job.