Thursday, October 13, 2011

Perfectly Gloriously Florida

via our friend Chez over at Deus Ex Malcontent

-- Republican State Representative Brad Drake of Florida, who filed a bill on Tuesday to bring back the firing squad as a method of executing death row inmates in that state

You might think that the bill itself makes this story so Florida -- but you'd be wrong.

It's the fact that the epiphany that led to the bill came to Representative Drake while he was having a conversation at a Waffle House -- that's what makes this story so perfectly, gloriously Florida.
I don't know if Chez is aware of it but we've awarded the State of Florida a very prestigious and coveted award, formerly held by Arizona: The Most Baneful State in the Union.

1 comment:

  1. Why not institute the Guillotine while they are at it?

    Unfortunately, Hanging, Drawing, and Quartering doesn't pass the cruel and unusual test or I am sure they would add that to the list of possibilities.