Saturday, October 15, 2011

A True DGU

I love it when an unarmed victim takes the gun away from the bad guy and performs a true DGU.  Of course, even in these cases there is room for abuse.  For example the guy, after wrestling the gun away from his attacker, could use it unnecessarily. He could be so pumped with adrenalin that he himself becomes the aggressor. But, I tend to give these guys the benefit of the doubt. How about you?

The only thing about this story that made me wonder is that not only did he have a safe in the home, a thing not very suspicious in and of itself, but he had quite an elaborate sucurity system for a city employee.

Police say the wounded man was taken to the hospital. A second suspect is not in custody. Investigators are still reviewing security video footage from the seven security cameras Pearce has at his home.
What do you think about SEVEN security cameras? Is that normal?

Anyway, for me this was an exciting and dramatic and probably legitimate DGU.

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.


  1. Hey, we don't know at what level this guy works for the city, or what his other assets are or what his spouse might do for a living.

    So, yeah, I'd raise the question of the seven security cameras -( maybe there was a really really good salesman selling security systems). But having those cameras does help to verify his story.

  2. I'd rather have the security cameras than a gun--especially if they send their vids to a remote location.

    My guess is that the total cost for the cameras would be less than a firearm.

  3. Wow, you lot need to get your stories straight--I'm either loaded to the extent that I fit the definition of the 1%.

    Or I'm a small time Philadelphia lawyer.

    Give me a break!

    You can find a an 8 CH CCTV Surveillance DVR 8 Outdoor Cameras System with 500GB Hard Drive with remote access for US$279.99 on eBay,which would place it under the price of the firearm you mention. SO,someone who is intelligent can get a system set up fairly inexpensively.

  4. ROFL, someone should collect the stories told about you by the opposition, and publish it as the Laci Anthology.

    I'm looking forward to those region2 DVDs from the UK you're sending me (Hint! that means I know his real address).

    I think the idea of cc camera security might not be a bad add on to your existing security, Laci.

    Should go well with that boar spear you just ordered. (Seriously - for those who are compiling the Laci anthology). In case you don't get around to using it any time soon - either on boar, or on boring intruders - it would make an interesting decorative feature across the top of one of the built in book cases on either side of the fireplace.

    I'm still hoping at some point that you share your recent home invader story with the blog. When you're ready. Laci the dog has played a middling heroic role alongside Laci the human.

    Maybe later....