Friday, October 14, 2011

Golden Eye 007 - The Video Game

Who plays these games, I mean besides adolescent boys? Do gun-rights folks play them?


  1. Is there any reason that we should be concerned who plays these games? It's a game for God's sake. Lighten up Francis.

  2. Now that's funny, the reference to one of the great comedy films.

    The weird part is the character known as Francis, who said, "touch my stuff, I'll kill ya," is more like you and your friends than he is like me. That irony, I'd bet, escaped you in your attempt to pretend I'm all stuffy and alarmist about video games.

    The problem with these games is twofold. Young boys who play them excessively in their developing years are affecting the delicate balances in their brains which will later in life help them understand what situations call for fight and which ones call for flight. These automatic responses can get skewed and cause the young men to have difficulty throughout their lives.

    The proper understanding of the value of life can also be affected. The belief that the gun is the answer and aggressively "taking care" of your problems too.

    All this psychological stuff can easily go awry in young men who spend thousands of hours with these violent games. Will they all become killers? Of course not. But will many of them have trouble in getting along with others in a mature and healthy way? - you bet.

    The second problem is the adult gun owners who play these games. These are sick guys who love to fantasize about killing bad guys. Many non-gaming gun owners do this already, but when you add the graphic excessive and always increasing violence of these games you've got sick men getting sicker.

    Do you think those guys are better able to determine when to use their weapon to defend themselves and when they shoult not use it or not even draw it? I don't.