Thursday, October 13, 2011

Follow Up on the Topeka Misogyny

Dog Gone covered it before


  1. I'd like to know the rationale for not prosecuting domestic abuse. If they were going to make the point on behalf of law enforcement and prosecution for funding, wouldn't it make more sense to stop prosecuting traffic offenses? Or maybe to stop funding arrests and prosecutions for bank robbery or burglary?

    You have to ask yourself how it came to be that domestic abusers were picked for this instead of other offenses...

  2. Wait a minute.........wouldn't domestic violence be a statewide crime, not just a county and/or city crime?????

  3. So, here's a question for mikeb, as well as our other commenters.

    If this hadn't been reversed, would it be more permissable for victims to shoot their abusers, in self-defense?

    Because this is not the stupid buzzphrase situation that the gunloons like to cite, where "seconds count and law enforcement is minutes away". This is a situation where they aren't coming at all, and where there is no prosecution if they did.

    I am strongly against citizens taking the law into their own hands, but this is a situation where that presents a new dilemma for victims.

  4. Yes, Dog Gone,the right are dismantling government, abolishing agencies--especially those dealing with public safety, and forcing people to use "self-help" solutions.

    This isn't a society I approve of or want to live in.

  5. The key word in all this is "misogyny." That's what I think.