Friday, October 14, 2011

Vegetarians, from the other point of view!

OK, Meat eaters--It's time to gang up on those people who want to make us stop!

And while we're at it:


  1. Mitchell and Webb are pretty damned funny.

    I admit to being a bit torn about eating meat, at times. Otoh I don't keep an arsenal in my home on the pretext of killing all of my own meat--VLT's* will never catch on like BLT's.

    * Venison, Lettuce and Tomato.

  2. I have to admit that vegetarianism is a pretty strong force in the green movement, but I need meat!

    I don't think an all vegetarian lifestyle is totally healthy.

    And every so often you break down and have to have a roast beef (or pastrami, or ...) Sandwich.

  3. demo,

    Venison is good, but nothing can replace bacon.

    We are having sloppy does tonight at my house.

  4. From a health aspect, a vegetarian diet is extremely healthy assuming you are eating the right mix of foods. I don't know of any vitamins or proteins you can't get through a vegetarian diet.

    Meat is definetly delicious, but not very good for.

    The skit where they are gonna cook the pet cat was hilarious!

  5. "We are having sloppy does tonight at my house."

    Ok was that a typo or is "sloppy does" a venison dish? haha

  6. FatWhiteMan:

    At last, something we CAN agree on.;)

  7. Luckily for FWM (and the rest of you) I only want to force my gun control ideas on others.