Saturday, October 15, 2011

So what's the difference...

Between the real thing and the parody?

I thought about putting them both together.

Here's more From Elizabeth:


  1. Parody or real thing, I'd vote for her!

  2. The parody EW has better skin, and I'm glad the real EW kept her clothes on while going to school....

  3. The parody EW is considerably younger than the real EW. But the real EW not only has very lovely skin for her age, she has great bone structure.

    I imagine that Scott Brown has wished a number of times that HE had kept his clothes on while going to school. I'm sure his daughters have wished that - and that hew wouldn't announce their 'availability' along with his political statements.

    It is just one of many reasons, some frivolous, some not, that Elizabeth Warren should be taken more seriously than Scott Brown.

  4. I think Elizabeth is going to go far on this wave of popularity. The real test will be when she actually gets a chance to live up to her promises. I'd hope she does better than Obama has, but she won't because as George Carlin told us a long time ago, "the owners don't want that."

    I like her anyway.

  5. Twofold says:

    "The parody EW has better skin," which is all she'd need if she was a republican. Intelligence, concern, critical thinking skills--not even a blip on the radar screen of the SKKKortalMurKKKinKKKandidates.