Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Cleveland 2-Year-old - Gun Owner Charged

Local Cleveland news reports

A two-year-old boy is in critical condition with a gunshot wound to his head after a gun went off accidentally in a home on the city's east side.

Police say toddler Di'rico Washington is being treated at a hospital for head injuries. His baby sitter, 48-year-old Annette Jackson, is hospitalized in stable condition after the bullet struck her hand.

Jackson's son, 19-year-old Ernest Crawford, was arrested for felonious assault and is being held in the city jail.

Police tell The Plain Dealer that Jackson's son and three other people began arguing Sunday afternoon and that Jackson separated them. Inside Jackson's house, Crawford's gun fired accidentally, going through a wall and hitting his mother and the child.
What's your opinion? You don't think there's a disparity between your typical accident-prone white guy and the black folks in Cleveland, do you?

Felony charges sounds just right, but how many stories have we seen in which the whole thing is written off as an "accident?"

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  1. How do you know he is black? I don't see any mention of race in the report.

  2. hmm no pictures with the actual story either. Mike your inner racist is showing.

    1. No, it's my inner sleuth combined with a keen observation. How many white guys do you think there are in Cleveland named Di'rico Washington?

    2. The name of the man arrested was Ernest Crawford.

    3. yep woman named Annette Jackson with a son named Ernest Crawford - definitely black people - Mikeb says so.

    4. Mikeb, you wouldn't be engaging in racial profiling, now would you?

    5. Do any of you guys really think they're white, or are you just being contentious?

    6. In all honesty I think the boy that was shot is black for the same reason you do - his name suggests it. However, the woman involved was the baby sitter and it was her son that did the shooting. It does not sound like they are related to the boy that was shot. So either you mis-understood the relationship between the parties or you just assumed one black sounding name meant all involved were black.

    7. I didn't misunderstand anything. I assumed that a black kid had a black baby sitter.