Sunday, May 13, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Ohio 7-Year-old - Parents Charged

Authorities say the parents of a little girl wounded by her 3-year-old brother while they were left alone at home tried to claim the accidental shooting was a drive-by.

Police say the couple told the children to walk down the road before the man called 911, and instructed them to tell police it was a drive-by gunshot Thursday evening. Police didn't believe the children, and charged both parents with endangering children, tampering with evidence, and obstructing official business.

The 7-year-old girl was wounded in the back, but police say she is expected to recover.
What stupid parents. If they'd only fessed up to the "accident" they'd be home right now watching professional wrestling. It's lying to the cops that'll get you every time.

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  1. Really the event was very sorrowful also unbelievable case.How it was possible by the 3 years old boy able to make shoot.
    I think the case is some different from the report,any way the police may get success and able to search the detial.

    1. You may have a point, how could a 3-year-old even pull the trigger? I think it's possible though.