Thursday, May 17, 2012

Virginia Woman Claims Self-Defense - Guilty of Brandishing

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports

A Chesterfield County woman was found guilty Tuesday of brandishing her husband's pistol at several teens and placing the gun to a 16-year-old's head after claiming she was threatened and repeatedly cursed as she tried driving through her neighborhood.
 It was a long complicated story, which had me sympathetic to the woman, but here's the bottom line.

"You don't get to claim self-defense when you're the aggressor,"
What's your opinion? Does it remind you of the Zimmerman case? Do you think it's somewhat common for gun owners to overstep their bounds like this, confronting people, admonishing them for perceived wrongdoing? When the tables are turned, they claim self-defense.

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  1. This is exactly why Virginia needs a stand your ground law. These aggressive teens put the woman's life in danger and assaulted her. All she did was ask them not to use foul language in her neighborhood. If I'd been on her jury, I'd have voted not guilty. Let's hope that she appeals.