Saturday, May 19, 2012

Obama's Accomplishments

1) Averting another Great Depression
2) Rescuing the Auto Industry
3) Repealing the discrimination of “Don’t ask, Don’t tell”
4) Passing the comprehensive health care act
5) Ending the War in Iraq
6) Nominating two women to the U.S. Supreme Court
7) Killing Osama bin Laden
8.) Reduced unemployment and created 3.5 million new jobs


  1. 1. As yet unclear, and McCain voted for the same bad bailouts.

    2. Poorly done, considering the opportunity that they represented.

    3. I agreee.

    4. No public option, and it's likely to be found unconstitutional.

    5. The War ended in 2003. Obama is ending the occupation, but to what effect?

    6. O.K., if you have a quota system, but Sotomayor voted against McDonald, so I'm not all that impressed.

    7. I agree.

    8. It's in dispute how much effect a president has on this. It also remains to be seen where the economy is headed.

  2. 1. Obama, Bush, & Congress had a hand in the bailouts. How on earth you think giving the wealthiest 1% more money (for failure) is a good thing is beyond me.

    2. See number 2.

    3. I know for a fact the first commander and chief had different views on the issue. I also know many here in America (including members of the armed forces) who do not see this as a good thing.

    4. The Act that gives 1 percenters more money and is about to flop at Scotus?

    5. The war is not over just like it did not end in 91. We still have ships in the area as well as troops in Kuwait and Qatar. There is still an insurgency in Iraq. Just because we ended major ground offenses does not mean the war is over.

    6. Whoopty doo!

    7. I think we both know Obama had little to do w/ this. Ever see O' Reilly's interview on Obama? Back then Obama said he would give the order to kill Bin Laden and O' Reilly blew it off by saying any president would do that. Well, any President should and did. That was a no brainer.

    8. Where are you getting those numbers from? Second, in any President's defense, it is not the job of the Pres. to give me or any other American a job. If it were Obama would not be doing so great, but he claims to be trying so on that level he is failing.

    I am still looking for a good explanation for this:

  3. Obama did not kill Osama. Sorry. Rofl

  4. Mike- I've had this discussion with numerous bloggers. Obama did not end the war in Iraq. He wasn't even responsible for troop withdrawal. That credit can be given to Bush, who had a specific timeline written in for troop withdrawal.

    1. I gotcha. I suppose that's what Harold means too about the Osama killing.

  5. "Reduced unemployment and created 3.5 million new jobs"

    I need to see some citations for this. Include the following information:
    1. number of people working when Obama took office.
    2. number of people working now.

    This seems to say that in fact we are about 800,000 jobs in the negative on Obama's watch.

  6. It seems queer that a blog that whines day-in-and-day-out about gun violence would applaud the cold-blooded murder of an unarmed man. Is it just me, or does it appear that the 99.99% are hypocrites and phonies?
    orlin sellers

  7. Beware of the inexplicably hardened Obama haters for they are racists in disguise.