Monday, May 14, 2012

Ohio Club Fight Escalates To Stabbings, Shooting

Local News reports

Three people were hospitalized Sunday morning after a fight spilled into the parking lot of a North Columbus club.

According to Columbus police, a fight broke out inside Club Polaris at 8270 Sancus Blvd. involving a large group of men and women. During the fight, police said that several people were stabbed with an unknown weapon.

After the fight spilled into the parking lot, police said that a man went to a vehicle, retrieved a gun, and started shooting.

One man was shot in the leg and several vehicles were damaged.
This is the problem with the no-guns-in-bars rule. High-spirited young people have to resort to fists and knives and take it out into the parking lot before they can get to their guns. What kind of freedom is that?

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  1. I stay out of such places, myself. Freedom comes with the need for responsibility.

  2. Rule number 1. We don't talk about club fight. Wait, I think I got that wrong.