Monday, May 14, 2012

Oklahoma to Legalize Open Carry

from Fat White Man via News OK

Gov. Mary Fallin said Saturday she will sign a bill into law that will allow Oklahomans with concealed handgun permits to carry their weapons in the open. 

“I'm going to be signing that bill,” Fallin announced to 1,400 delegates at the Oklahoma Republican State Convention, drawing cheers and applause. “I've been waiting a long time.” 

Oklahoma will become the 26th state to allow open carrying of handguns, she said. “We believe it's a responsible piece of legislation that allows licensed gun owners to be able to open carry if they choose,” Fallin, a Republican elected governor in 2010, said afterward. “If they choose not to, they don't have to."
My idea is the joke's on them. Open carry does more harm to the gun-rights movement than it does good. It shows them for the nuts and fanatics they ofter are.

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  1. So those of us who carry our guns concealed are responsible and safe? Thanks for the vote of confidence, I guess. You do realize that Oklahoma is a state with large stretches of rural land, right? Open carry makes sense out in the countryside. But given the character of Oklahomans, the joke's on you. Mikeb, your kind is few and far between in that state.

  2. It's looking more like Mogadishu every day in the U.S. vs

    I agree, Mike, they're just exposing their own extremism.

    1. Creature from Oregon, your link is broken, as is your thinking.

    2. Jason Kilgore spamming the comments. Have you no shame? Your organization has about a $50/year budget and no political clout.

  3. I decided to make a nice poster of the comparison.

    1. Creature from Oregon, note the differences:

      1. The people in Somalia are concealing their identities. The Americans are not.

      2. Somalia hasn't had a functioning government in decades. The Americans are carrying our flag in addition to their rifles--our flag that represents our nation with its government that has to be responsive to citizens.

      3. Somalia has been in a state of civil war for a long time. America is at peace.

      What we learn here is that you're afraid of the mere presence of guns.