Saturday, May 19, 2012

The New Uzi Pro from Israel Weapon Industries

KitUp reports on the latest from IWI.
While overshadowed by designs such as the HK MP5 and MP7, the original UZI SMG remains popular with about 10 million copies used in 90 countries. 

Guns that are designed for military and police use are not limited to those markets. Manufacturers know that law abiding civilian gun owners are also interested in their products. But, the marketing and sales of these weapons doesn't end there.  Criminal buyers represent a huge market share, the exact numbers are a jealously guarded secret, but the manufacturers know.

What's your opinion? Should a gun like that be considered an assault weapon and prohibited for civilian use?


  1. Mike: "Should a gun like that be considered an assault weapon and prohibited for civilian use?"

    Ah ha! You just used a derivative of the word "prohibition" to refer to “assault weapons” when you say that word is only reserved for complete and total gun prohibition. See this thread:

    To answer your question on should these be prohibited; the answer is no. You say gun control is only about “constraining [gun owners] through proper legislation to hold onto their guns better”, and bans on “assault weapons” would seem to do the exact opposite.

  2. "Should a gun like that be considered an assault weapon and prohibited for civilian use?"

    Should it be prohibited? Based upon what? We have laws that define such things in place, or do you think this particular firearm needs BANNED because it looks scary or has a scary name or something?

    1. Well, I know it's not very scientific or specific, but it seems to be more firepower than civilian use requires. Isn't that one of the traditional arguments, "why would anyone need one of them?"

      It's the old question of where to draw the line.

  3. I like Jeff Cooper's take on submachine guns. They shoot pistol rounds. That being the case, they're no more powerful than a handgun. In most cases, the Uzi just encourages the shooter to be sloppy. It's good, if having a lot of fun is the point, but as a weapon, not so much.

    To answer your question, Uzis with full-auto capability are already illegal for private citizens to own if they were made after 1986. Without that function, they're just oversized and overpriced handguns.

  4. TS, your "ah ha" reaction is really tiresome. I've pointed out numerous times that the words "prohibit" and "ban" DO NOT mean total prohibition or banning of guns, which is the way you guys often use them. I use the words correctly, to refer to the prohibition or banning of ONE PARTICULAR TYPE OF GUN.

    Get it?

    1. If you can ban one, you can ban more and more and more. We know where this leads.