Thursday, December 20, 2012

4 Dead in Colorado Murder-Suicide

via Reuters thanks to  Grung_E_Gene
Sergeant Tim Schwartz of the Weld County Sheriff's Office said police received a call from the home in a community about 35 miles north of Denver before dawn and heard a female voice say "No, no, no" before multiple gunshots were fired.

A man then came on the line and said he was going to kill himself, and the dispatcher heard another gunshot, Schwartz said.

Officers found the bodies of two females and two males, and recovered a handgun at the scene, Schwartz said. Three of the dead were adults, he said, adding that one of the females may have been a teenager.

Schwartz said authorities were still trying to determine a motive for the shooting.
Would I be reading too much into the story to say this is probably another lawful gun owner who was totally unfit to safely manage firearms?

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  1. Agreed. Could you wait for a little bit of evidence before trotting this out? My Lord, you are so quick to jump to conclusions. It doesn't matter if you are right or not, just that you try to turn this type of tragedy to your advantage as soon as you hear about it. Disgusting.

  2. The attacker could have easily killed all three victims with a baseball bat before law enforcement could arrive. Regardless of the attacker's weapon choice, law enforcement was impotent to stop the attack.

    Sadly, the woman who spent precious time calling 911 could have used that time to effectively defend herself had she been armed.

  3. Gunsucks gotta suck guns, and they gotta shoot people. It's what gunsucks do. Why be sad? I'm happy that one more gunsuck is dead. And the collateral damage? DON'T FUCK A GUNSUCK LADIES!! First he sticks in his dick and next he kills you. For a gunsuck, it's the same thing.

    1. Then I need to get a refund. For some strange reason, my guns haven't made me kill anyone yet.

    2. Mine haven't either. They must be defective.

    3. Wow i like how its always someone whos against guns who is the real threat to humanity.

    4. Greg and Jim, that's the proof that you don't really need guns, you just think you do. The obvious reality is the chance that you will one day use your gun to save the day is much lower than the possibility that it will one day be misused in some way.

      That makes you guys pretty dumb. I understand you're driven by fear and insecurity, but it's a pretty dumb decision nonetheless.

    5. LOL. You understand nothing. You are just as inclined to lump all pro gun rights individuals into the mold you create for us as Goldie is. The fact is that I enjoy shooting. I find it both relaxing and energizing. Your statements are insulting and biased, but then you knew that, didn't you?

    6. Mikeb, haven't we told you before, gun ownership isn't fundamentally about need? It's a right.

      But if you're not going to accept Kleck and Lott, why do you think we'll accept Kellermann? Safe gun ownership isn't hard. It take attention to the Four Rules. And as Jim said, I get a lot of enjoyment out of a day at the range.

      But when you're ready to discard insults and psychoanalysis and stick to facts, logic, and values, I'll go along. But I'm not disarming first.